Mother’s Day 2020: A planning catastrophe

Recently, I received the following text from Alex, my 13-year-old daughter:

Dwight’s face is a perfect representation of my first reaction to this news. My second reaction was to dispatch the disaster team to salvage the situation.

“I claim Saturday, May 9 as Mother’s Day!” I was not about to share my other special day of the year with ANYONE.

“I’m glad to see our anniversary is priority,” my husband, Brian quickly added. “As a matter of fact, we haven’t even celebrated our anniversary this year!” He wasn’t done. “AND my birthday and Father’s Day were on the same day! I was robbed!” He was, kind of robbed. No, I take that back, he was totally robbed.

“You’re right, we haven’t celebrated our anniversary,” I admitted. Why did I ever schedule our daughter’s birth on our anniversary? What the heck was I thinking?

This is what happened: On May 7, 13 years ago, my obstetrician asked if I wanted to be induced the next day to which I replied, “No, I need to buy new underwear.” It’s true and I have no explanation as to why I couldn’t fathom doing both.

After that ridiculous decision, I followed it up with another gem: have a baby on our anniversary. I want to blame Brian for not stepping in and stopping this travesty but I can’t – he didn’t want to mess with the crazy pregnant woman buying hideous underwear.

So here we are, 13 years later and every year our anniversary gets “floated” so we can properly celebrate Alex’s birthday. I’ve suggested moving our anniversary to May 11 but was vetoed and that was that. Who knows when we’ll celebrate it on the actual day. Maybe when the girls move out…

Back to Mother’s Day 2020. This is a delicate subject because I am an unapologetic Mother’s Day/Birthday Diva.* I want those two days to be MINE along with a few minor expectations. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not looking for lavish gifts or grand plans. All I want are two days free from cooking and washing dishes, pizza from my favorite restaurant, a special dessert (big cookie, chocolate cake or mint chocolate chip ice cream), and one fun family activity (play a game or watch a movie). That’s it! I’m flexible too! I’m open to floating my days if absolutely necessary. What I cannot do however, is give them up. Not going to happen. I would lose my mind and make crazy pregnant woman look like Mr. Spock under pressure.

The good news is, we have time to negotiate. I’m confident we’ll find a solution without anyone feeling “robbed.” In the meantime, I should get working on a plan to celebrate our 2019 anniversary and address Brian’s Father’s Day/Birthday injustice if this Diva has any shot at claiming May 9, 2020 as Mother’s Day.

*With a capital D.

8 thoughts on “Mother’s Day 2020: A planning catastrophe

  1. I love the Mother’s day/birthday diva thing. I actually claim the entire month of August. Even if nobody else does anything extra other than on that one particular day, it still makes me feel good to declare it. I don’t think it’s too much to ask. We are mommies therefore, we deserve it!

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      1. It’s more like, I say that I get to pick the movie or the restaurant because it’s my birthday month…things that I’d probably get away with anyway for the most part! But it’s funny when THEIR birthdays come around and they try to pull that one on me…nope, doesn’t work that way unless you’re a mama. Mothers exist to make their families feel special everyday so it’s just a silly thing I do to remind myself that I’m deserving of feeling special and important sometimes, too.

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  2. You deserve that time off! I hope you can work it out. It is amazing that her birthday and your anniversary are on the same day.
    Our anniversary is coming up in two weeks. We are going out to eat, just the two of us. That’s it. Maybe something big on the 30th. That is a few years away, though.

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