Spring Camp: Day 3

“Alex isn’t here,” were the first words from Hazel as we exited the auditorium.

We had just finished college signing day for Hazel with interviews, photos and numerous congratulatory hugs from supportive friends and coaches. She was on cloud nine with the spotlight on her yet she was thinking about her little sister and how Alex wasn’t there to share her moment.

I’ve been reflecting these past few days about why Alex’s temporary absence is having a profound impact on us. While we certainly miss her quite a bit, it’s a taste of what life might be like when Hazel leaves for college and that’s a little scary.

Don’t get me wrong, I am over-the-moon thrilled for Hazel as she embarks on the adventures of college and all the perks of being a division one athlete. My heart soars when I think of the fun she will have with new friends and new experiences. But like so many milestones in one’s child growing up, it is bittersweet.

I kind of hate that word, bittersweet. It feels cliche. But as I look it up on my dictionary app, there are no synonyms for it. I suppose it’s because the word encapsulates the feeling so succinctly. And it’s right to place bitter first.

Now is not the time to focus the bitter part, however. That will come later so for now I’m focusing on the second part of the word and how sweet it will be when both of my girls are home!

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